I/ Battle

Cardinal is a turned based RPG game. All available actions are defined on a timeline. Contrary to most of the other timeline based game, the actions are not linked with a specific character.

Each action can be set to a hero of your choice. In order to trigger an action an element is required. Each hero has 4 elements available.

Each element is stronger than another one and weaker than a third one. It will increase or decrease the damages on enemies.

The efficiency is only affecting attack. Regarding support, an effect is applied as described below.

Some elements are also trigerring an effect on the enemy when attacking.

II/ Hero management

There are 6 statistics defining the unit skills:

  • Health Points (HP)
  • Armor: damage resistance
  • Attack: base damages
  • Luck: increase damages and to trigger critical damages
  • Speed: increase number of actions and chance to avoid critical damages
  • Precision: increase the chance to trigger critical damages

Contrary to most of the RPG games, there is no experience gain in Cardinal. At the end of a battle, the player wins elements which can be used in the next battle or to improve the hero equipments.

The equipment is divided in three parts:

  • The Base stats: it defines HP, Armor, Luck and Speed.
  • The Boat stats: it defines Attack and Precision of the hero for air battle
  • The Hero stats: it defines Attack and Precision of the hero for ground battle

Each part can be upgraded separetely. The player must pay attention to keep his element stock filled otherwise it will lead to game over for sure in the next battle.