I/ Story

All the background of Cardinal is based on the "Tale of the 4 Cardinals". See Introduction Cinematic.

Cardinal is a world of floating islands and is the result of the fate of the 4 angels. Even if its inhabitants have all they need to live, the natural barriers that the 4 angels created prevents them from travelling too far and see what is behind. Violent blizzard in the North, eddies of water in the West, destructive tornadoes to the east and sand storms in the South. All those who tried to cross one of them never returned.

One Adventurer and a Dragon Warrior are flying together in this sky. They each pursue their own goal: while the first is pursuing a dream of the past, the other is trying to escape a very present threat. This way may lead them to what has been lost in this world: the four cardinals themselves.

II/ Characters

III/ World

The world of Cardinal is made of floating islands. There are four main parts:

  • The East Empire
  • The South Republic
  • The West Kingdom
  • The North Lands